Esther Hunziker


“North” is an online adaptation of the novel “Nord”, by Felix Zbinden. It is an audiovisual online narration, which brings literature to a new digital form of storytelling. “North” is based on three chapters that tell the story of a woman called Ly, who is commissioned to shadow a man. Her search for clues is recorded in text, audio and image. Each of the chapters has its own differentiated dramaturgy.

Esther Hunziker is a media artist, living and working in Basel, Switzerland. Her work includes video, photography, interactive animations, online projects and media installations. In her work she often mixes audio-visual material with text, building up new patchwork like narratives. She likes to scratch on a smooth surface, provoking turbulence and chaos. Her work has been featured internationally and nationally, including shows and festivals in Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Slovakia and Switzerland.