Marcio Ambrosio


This project was born from the wish to mix new technologies and classic animation in a playful and artistic way. Each animated sequence has a script and the visitor interacts and transforms himself into an actor of this story. When the visitor enters in a defi ned space, a camera records his image and projects it on a screen in front (like a mirror) in real size and time. The visitor sees himself integrated to an animation setting that follow his movements. He founds himself immerse in a creative universe of images and sounds. The animation sequences that feed this universe are stored in a video library, new animations may be added to enrich the project. The Oups! universe is playful and naive, accessible to all publics and ages.

Animation and interactivity are Marcio Ambrosio’s marks. The artist has a degree in industrial design at FAAP and worked over the years as a graphic artist and animator. He moved to Brussels in 1999, where he worked in post-production studios for feature films, documentaries, and commercial advertising, founding in 2004 the collective zzzmutations devoted to produce short animated films and develop experimental projects. With works and participations in several countries, Marcio has a very unique curriculum, having received many scholarships and invitations to exhibit in several shows, including the IMAL (Interactive Media Art Laboratory), the National Arts Center (Tokyo), and the Fotomuseum (Rotterdam, Holland), among others.