Tina Van Duyne & Grischinka Teufl

Dune – n – Devil

Dune – n – Devil

Dune & Devil are working on the project since 2003. The general idea explores a space- and time-based phenomenon through communicational technoculture. The project applies different structures like global positioning systems, audiovisual media, mobile technology, telecommunication tools and specialized software, to experience the stereotopographical synchronization of two individuals in different urban situations. It produces a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality which can be observed through the interface.


Grischinka Teufl (AUT) Grischinka Teufl a.k.a Georg Russegger is a media-artist and researcher in the field of interactive media and sociotechnological communication. At the moment he is a Phd candidate for Media-Theory at the University of Applied Arts. He studied Communication-Theory, Media-Anthropology, Philosophy, Management, and Media-Art and received his Master of Intermedia Art in 2004, at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. While lecturing at the Technical University Vienna – Visualisation in Art and Computergraphic, he is also a member of the FAME-Network (fame-frankfurt.de). Since 2003, Grischinka Teufl works with Tina van Duyne under the label Dune & Devil. For more information check out www.datadandy.net and www.dune-n-devil.com. Tina van Duyne (NL) Tina van Duyne was born in Sweden and has a dutch nationality but spent most of her life in Vienna, Austria. In 2003, she finished her studies with a diploma with honors (www.print-parasite.com) at the Institute of Graphic Design & New Media at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After working as a graphic designer and artist with Grischinka Teufl since 2001 on different art-projects, they formed the label: Dune & Devil in 2003. Tina van Duyne is currently exploring the tension between traditional handicraft, gardening, gender and media-art. For more (or less) information please visit: www.dune-n-devil.com.