Alaya Ahn

Their Circumstances

As an experimental online animation, this project has non-linear structure in both story and medium. Compared to the traditional linear animation, it shows the new way to watch animation. All movies are put together in fl ash and through the actionscripts, people can choose video segments which are generated by coding and create their own story lines. Stories are seemingly random yet vitally connected with the tale of a set of incidents of one day. The fi rst videos show the ending and the viewers explore what happened to all the characters, adding layers and events to the intrigue until the fi nal shot, where everything is fi nally made clear.

JiHyun was born in Seoul, Korea and spent her childhood in Japan, where she was exposed to many experimental design works. She studied architecture and interior design at Yonsei University in Korea. During her school, spending more time on manipulating 2D and 3D graphic software, she moved her interest forward to computer graphics and studied flash and video animation in School of Visual Arts in New York. Recently, she graduated her master’s program and has endeavored to create interactive art projects, which were reflective of her quirky imagination and sensibilities.