Andrey Ilyin

Moscow: Kids sledging

Poklonnaya Gora is a popular place among Moscovites: both in the winter and the summer they come here to walk in the spacious Victory park, called so in the honour of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (WW2). The name of this place can be translated as Lowbow hill. When travellers of the past went to Moscow by west road, they came to the top of this hill and saw church crosses and golden cupolas of Moscow. According to the orthodox tradition they should bow down to the ground and cross themselves. Even nowdays this is great sightseeing place. On the foreground you can see a church of St. George the Triumphant, the saint patron of Moscow. A bit further is Victory park itself and the WW2 museum. On the very horizon the spill of Moscow State University can be noted. The slopes of the hill, moderately steep and regular perfectly fits for the sledging. The day when I was shooting this panorama the weather was very ‘winter’: 18 below zero, no wind and bright sun – the perfect combination which made many people leave thier warm apartments (I even spotted one really old babushka sledging together with her grandson).

I am Moscow based photographer specializing in the creation of high-quality spherical panoramas for multimedia, education, culture, business projects. Being experienced in traditional genres of photography I have mastered the art of creation of panoramic images and manage to create fine panoramas in toughest conditions.