BobE Schism

Love is Sometimes Colder than Ice

“Love Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice” is a dark, existential thriller based on true events, in which a man lost in a hostile environment faces the ultimate conundrum.

BobE Schism has been wandering the virtual world of SecondLife for the past three years. With a background in music and audio production, he is a builder, scripter, trickster and maker of machinima. Two of his films, “Hanging Out To Dry” and “Love Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice” were selected for participation in the 2010 Shanghai World Fair. During the Autumn of 2010 he was commissioned by renowned British director Peter Greenaway to create SL machinima as the main part of a multi-media show for the grand opening of the Copernicus Science Museum in Warsaw, which was broadcast live on Polish television to an estimated audience of nine million.