Coletivo COLETORES: Toni William, Flávio Camargo, Daniela Cordeiro & Karina Marques

Máquina / Brinquedo

“Máquina/Brinquedo” is an interactive, cinematic installation with low technology, whose inspiration came from pinball games. It was conceived in 2010 in an open process by the “coletivo COLETORES” at the Monte Azul Cultural Centre, on the periphery of the Southern Zone in the city of São Paulo, based on the appropriation of disposable materials. It works through human propulsion combined with a device made of rubber and wood. Its rudimentary structure establishes a dialogue with the devices aimed for interaction that can be found in game machines, slot machines, and pinball games, being at the same time a relational element, entertainment and immersion.


The Collective Coletores is a collective of urban art, formed in 2008 in Sao Paulo, by artists Toni William and Flávio Camargo. Coletores works between various languages, like stencil, photography, installation, webart, game art, low-tech interface, graffiti, architecture of the precarious and experimental design. With the proposal of creating works of relational art, the collective Coletores works at the boundaries between art, game and city.