Fernando Velázquez


“Self-portrait” is a video made from the genetic code of the author. The genetic code was obtained by sending samples by mail to a company that offer this service on-line, and the data was received in XML format. The process of translating genetic information in audiovisual data is done by analogy. Through programming, it is possible to assign to each data stream the property of conversion into shape, color, sound and movement. The poetics of the work is at the intersection of the objectivity of the genetic data and the subjectivity of data interpretation.

Fernando Velázquez is a uruguaian artist living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, since 1997. His work integrated differents midias like painting, drawing, photography and vídeo in multimídia pieces (Netart, CD-Rom, Performances) and instalations. Velázquez research is about privacy, monitoring and control like mediators on the creation of a self sense. He participate in different solo and group exibithions like the Pocket Film Festival at Centre Pompidou and also partcipated in many collective projects. He curated the Motomix Media Festival in Sao Paolo in 2007. Nacho Durán was born in Oviedo, Spain. He lives in Sao Paulo since 2001 where he works as a multimedia designer, programmer and VJ. Nacho was the creator of the first videoblog made in South America (2003). He produced interactive works (Utopia City, Pixzle and Desconstruindo Manu Chao) and video installations (Mosaicópolis, 4mobiles and SP_Mobile). As a VJ, he performed in clubs and festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal. He also participates in conferences and workshops about VJing and video for mobile devices. www.nachoduran.es Francisco Lapetina was born in 1970 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Independent artist, musician and graphic and motion designer. He leads “Antena”, a band that has published two cds:”Envuelto en Llamas” (2002) with previous band name “Plaza Sésamo”, and “Un Atajo Hacia el Monte”. He has composed and produced music for short films, sound atmospheres for installations and multimedia live performances, standing out works made with Tamara Cubas (Uruguay), Arthur Rossenfeld (USA-Holand), Marcelo Evelin (Brazil), e Fernando Velázquez (Uruguay). He directs with Tamara Cubas the Perro Rabioso an art collective with international outstanding for carrying out international events in Uruguay like the FIVU (International Video Dance Festival of Uruguay).