Iono Allen


Pure Love. A female robot animal: the Rabbicorn. A robot girl: the Daughter of Gears. This machinima is my way to interpret the story and installation “Standby” by Bryn Oh in Second Life®. The text is inspired by both “Standby” story and the movie “L’amour à mort” by Alain Resnais. Bryn Oh is a virtual artist created by a Toronto oil painter. “Standby” is the third and final part to the “Rabbicorn story”, created by Bryn.

Iono Allen in real life is a system engineer, designing transportation systems. In Second Life®, Iono has made real some of his fantasies in building an art gallery, where he exhibits his personal virtual collection and some of his personal work in photography. And Iono’s very new passion, born in using Second Life® is machinima..