LeCielEstBleu.com: Frédéric Durieu, Kristine Malden & Jean-Jacques Birgé

La Pâte à Son

La Pâte à Son – which can be translated as “sound dough” – is a sound toy and compositional tool that was conceived to encourage musical experimentation. In the Pâte à Son factory interface, two reservoirs of dough generate a continuous flow of musical loops, from scales to simple tunes. The goal is to create music by making a mess of the established order. Users can divert and direct the musical flow by placing pipes from the conveyor belt on to the central checkerboard above. In addition to neutral transporter pipes, there are eleven instrumental pipes that give voice – a flute, a guitar, a human singing. – to the silent notes. Finally, switches allow users to create closed circuits with multiple layers of notes that create musically complex compositions. PuppetTool PuppetTool is an experimental animation tool that allows users to generate highly expressive movements unhindered by limits of gravity or elasticity. The animations created are not linear but rather cyclic and generative. Users can achieve personalized results ranging from the nearly realistic to the absurd and fantastical and then add their creations to an online database of user-generated creations. The interactive zoo, a series of our own six short interactive films produced with PuppetTool, offers a rich, narrative experience through a new, non-linear kind of storytelling that remains totally interactive at every moment.

LeCielEstBleu.com assembles the collective and individual work of several new media artists who share a passion for interactivity and a pronounced taste for all that is playful and poetic. We specialize in creating compelling, new, and highly interactive interfaces. Behind the scenes, we rely on the poetic use of powerful development principles that are deeply indebted to and inspired by the physical laws of the natural world. These tools are all the more powerful in that they fade into the background in the front-end user experience, giving way to a dynamic, poetic and highly interactive experience. A civil engineer by training, Frédéric Durieu (BELGIUM) is a new media author and developer. His work is characterized by the poetic use of powerful development principles inspired by the physical laws of the natural world. Co-creative director Kristine Malden (USA) has a background in critical theory and photography and has been creating new media projects since graduating from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Originally trained as a filmmaker, Jean-Jacques Birgé (FRANCE) is a musician and composer specialized in interactive sound design. Together they form LeCielEstBleu, a laboratory of interactive and new media art.