Lucas Werthein & Jason Aston

The Boom Shakalaka

As Rube Goldberg showed us in his now notorious cartoons depicting complex devices performing the simplest of tasks in the most roundabout ways, precision, timing, and creativity are tantamount to making such a machine functional and enjoyable. Invoking a popular physics engine, “Boom Shakalaka” creates a real time world with real time physics that portrays obstacles faced in the real world.

Jason Aston is an American multimedia artist, designer and technologist who uses the creative application of physical computation, interactive and visual design, and animation to engage, play, and educate. He is a master’s candidate at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and resides in New York City. Lucas Werthein was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and received a BA from PUC-RIO in international relations. He focuses on creative programming and physical interaction, is currently a candidate at NYU’s ITP graduate program, works for the artist/ hacker Zach Lieberman, represents the interactive Brazilian company – SuperUber – in the United States, and resides in New York City.