Mesa de Luz: Hieronimus do Vale, Marta Mencarini & Tomas Sefenin

Mesa de Luz

Mesa de Luz: Cotidiano; This performance portrays a day in the life of an individual, from dusk till dawn. The hands are the main focus of the story-line, handling day-to-day objects. The story is assembled as scenarios where the hands perform the usual activities. The audiovisual projection is created as the narrative is built. The audiovisual construction process is a Work in Process, that is, all elements designed by both the collage and the video are built during the live presentation, nothing has been previously edited or recorded, all the elements of the presentation are created live and in situ. Each act is constructed as each movement overlaps the previous movement. After 30 minutes of performance, the system Mesa de Luz becomes open to the public for improvisations.