Michel Lefebvre


Civilities is a modular, collective fiction that brings together ten Montreal artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds who offer diverse perspectives on living together. The invited artists explore potential spaces of confidence, reconciliation and the cohabitation of persons, peoples and religions. From the rules of religious fundamentalisms to the movements of anonymous crowds in the city, the projects examine various aspects of social organization, cultural norms and the collective spaces of shared practices. Working from interfaces representing public space, that of the community and of civitas, small stories emerge like windows onto more universal situations, onto a certain state of the world, somber and violent indeed.

Agence TOPO is a non profit organization dedicated to the creation, production, diffusion and distribution of multimedia independant artworks. The site is also a space for the dissemination, promotion and distribution of art and essay CD-ROM\’s and DVD-ROM’S. The showcase presents some forty titles from Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium and France.