Naomi Kaly


“Dualogue” is an interactive sound installation in which different layers of language and identity are interwoven. Fragments of audio — syllables, words and phrases — merge into a sonic multilingual mosaic. Using a small silver bead as an interface, visitors are invited to scan and decipher the audio encoded on a conductive thread as if drawing a line. Sliding to the right or left reveals chunks of English or Hebrew text, respectively. Connecting art and technology, Dualogue is aimed at stimulating multicultural awareness. It enables multiple readings or interpretations of the story depending on the individual: the sliding direction, speed etc. Different sequences reveal different stories. Visitors are invited to “write” their own story: the point where one story ends becomes the beginning of another. The illusory continuous audio offers points of transition; hardware and software allow readers to explore the intersections between the two tongues: unfamiliar sounds emerge, new language is born.

Naomi Kaly is a New Media artist based in New York. Born in Israel, she grew up in a linguistic border zone, where language, both spoken and written, often marks differences and raises bigotry. Privileged to experience different tongues and cultures, Naomi conceives of language as a unifier rather than a barrier. With a hybrid background of art and engineering, Naomi explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of traditional conventions related to language. She combines traditional and Digital tools to foster new forms of communication, meant to bridge cultural, linguistic and ethnic gaps. Most recently Naomi received the 2009 BAC (Brooklyn Arts Council) Regrant Award, for Brooklinguistics-an interactive sound installation, done collaboratively with Brooklyn school kids, aimed at addressing multicultural awareness. Inspired by the political situation of her native, Israel, Naomi initiates connections with Arab artists, where she wishes to encourage dialogue between opposing peoples, focusing on common denominators rather than differences. Naomi’s work has been presented nationally and internationally, including the A.I.R gallery, NY, Art Exit, NY, and Corning Museum of Glass, NY (Upcoming). She is a lecturer in the Media Culture department, at the College of Staten Island (CSI/CUNY) and a Usability Specialist for various software companies. She holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, a Bachelors degree in Design from Middlesex University, London (with Honors), and a Masters Degree in Digital Media from Rhode Island School of Design (with Honors).