Nina Tommasi

Biological Instrumentation

The intention in most of my works is to produce time-based spatial installations. The task of technology is to enable and to control the movements that evolve out of these concepts in space. Further important themes of these works are to discuss the difference between the linear thinking of digital programming and the complexity of a ready-made “natural/biological” object. I seek after new emerging objects that develop out of process-oriented functions and develop from this symbiosis between natural/biological functions. In “Biological Instrumentation”, a natural process, a found algorithm (ready algorithm) was placed within a digital process like an organic class or external. The plant is turned into a part of the program which controls the time-based aerial composition. They are embedded and translated into the coding of an algorithm that incorporates the organic processes of the plants with the construction of a soundspace.

Education: University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2004-2008; University of Technology Arlington, architecture, USA, 1998; University of Innsbruck, architecture, Austria, 1998-2004; University of Vienna, architecture, , Austria, 1996-1998; Exhibitions and installations: 2008, “Biological Instrumentation”, participative sound installation, location, datum; Depth of Textures, Aera 53 Galerie; Art exhibition Vienna, Austria; The Essence 08, Digital Art, MAK-museum, Vienna, Austria; Emerging Traces, analog/ digitalArt exhibition_ Galerie im Andechshof Innsbruck, Austria 2007, Piemonte Share Festival; Interactive design robotic, Torino, Italy; (Mis)used Media, Groupshow Digitale Artexhibition, Sterngasse Vienna, Austria. 2006, enter:sound installation_robotic react.o.sound implement; Die Enzyklopädie der wahren Werte, architecturegroupshow Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria; Kunstlos glücklich, Sonderschau Stadt “Art Innsbruck 2006”, saegewerk- Partizipation, Innsbruck / Land Tirol, Austria. 2005, Break2.3 Festival, Lublijana, Slovenia; Die Enzyklopädie der wahren Werte, architecturegroupshow, Architecturexhibition Künstelerhaus Vienna, Austria; File Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil; From VJing to Surface Sampling, MAK-night Exhibition, Museum for applied Arts/ Vienna, Austria; holz 4 der huette, Saegewerk_ exhibiton, Andechsgallerie Innsbruck, Austria. Professional activities: Organization / Symposium-Workshops-Exhibitions: Co-founder and active member, SAEGEWERK, artist organization: 1997. Director and curator, SAEGEWERK, initiated, directed and curated several art events with artists in the field of experimental music, new art, digital art.