Dino Run

A retro-styled single / multiplayer prehistoric action adventure racing game. You are a lone raptor outrunning a wall of apocalyptic doom set off by a huge asteroid. Save dino eggs to upgrade your stats, eat critters to get bones and buy new levels and goodies, unlock speedruns, attain milestones and trophies, customize your dino with colors, textures and (yes) hats.

Pixeljam makes online entertainment that aims to explore and expand the possibilities of the neo-retro style. Their games include IGF Finalist Gamma Bros, Ratmaze, Dino Run, and more recently Cookie Party 2 for Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Program and Pizza City! for Adult Swim Games. Pixeljam games is Miles Tilmann (production + code), Rich Grillotti (art) and Mark Denardo (music). Inspired by games and art since his early childhood, Richard created Pixeljam.com as an abstract art site in 1998 to explore the possibilities of using pixels for more than just video game graphics. He lives in Eugene, Oregon (USA), and enjoys photography, nature, and the company of cats. Miles Tilmann started coding and designing games as a child, and eventually got to see a lifelong dream materialize when he and Richard founded the company. Together they navigate their own pixilated psyches, occasionally bringing back artifacts from their journeys in the form of games. Miles lives in Seattle, Washington (USA), and enjoys creating music and exploring fatherhood. Mark Denardo lives in New York and is a writer and musician. He performs his hybrid of gameboy / folk / punk / electronic at venues all over the USA.