Proyecto Biopus: Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta & Matías Romero Costas


Sensible is an interactive installation with a touch screen where people can manipulate a virtual ecosystem and, from that action, produce music in real time. Depending on the various interventions made by the participants, the algorhythms of artificial life develop a virtual ecosystem that, in its turn, produces different musical environments. The ecosystem of Sensible is made of three different kinds of virtual organisms: vegetals, herbivores and carnivores. The vegetal (circles) are unable to move or eat other organisms. The herbivores (triangles) are able to move about and need to eat vegetals in order to survive. The carnivores (rectangles) are able to move about and need to eat the herbivores in order to survive. All organisms consume energy which, in the case of herbivores and carnivores, must be replaced in the form of food. When an organism moves, it consumes a lot of energy. These laws force each organism to take decisions before moving and searching for food.

The Proyecto biopus group is formed by artists that investigate interactive art, and explore new relation possibilities between the work and the audience. This group working primarily in teaching and university research in different institutions in Buenos Aires and La Plata (Argentina), research (by means of production) the relationship between the spectator (user, browser) and work. The group was set up by Emiliano Causa, Christian Silva, Tarcisio Pirotta and Julián Isacch and it is currently integrated by Emiliano Causa and Matías Romero Costas.

Emiliano Causa
Born in La Plata in 1970. Multimedia artist and information systems engineer (U.T.N.). Member of group Biopus Project (, first prize at MAMBA/Telefónica de Arte y Tecnología 2006. He is a research director and postgraduate from the Department of Multimedia Arts at I.U.N.A., coordinator of the multimedia arts course at I.U.N.A., professor of multimedia technology at the Multimedia Design Course of The School of Fine Arts at U.N.L.P. He researches bioart and augmented reality. Taught informatics at the music composition courses and cinema at U.N.L.P and artificial intelligence at the Systems Engineering course at U.T.N. He currently works in research and teaches in postgraduate courses related to multimedia art and new interfaces (sensors and real time sound and video control). Works with multimedia art, biogenerative art,, experimental music and video, building installations with sensors and the application of informatics in art in general.

Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta
Born in 1977 in 9 de Julio (Buenos Aires Province). He is a visual communication designer and professor of multimedia production graduated by Universidad Nacional de La Plata. He is also a professor at Transdepartamental Area of Multimedia Art at I.U.N.A. Works for the private sector as a designer and multimedia producer.

Matías Romero Costas
Born in Quilmes in 1976. Composer, artist, multimedia, teacher and researcher. A Composition graduate, he teaches harmony, counterpoint and musical morphology and he is also a teacher of multimedia production graduated by U.N.L.P. Works as a professor of graduate and postgraduate levels and is a researcher at U.N.L.P., at I.U.N.A., at ENERC (INCAA), at UnTrefe and at U.B.A. Member of group “Biopus Project”, in which he presented works of, videoart, performances and interactive installations. His works were exhibited in Argentina and abroad and were awarded nationally and internationally.