Rebecca Ruige Xu

Anatomy of a Poem

This work depicts a famous ancient Chinese poem “Drinking Alone under the Moon” by representing the rhyme and tonal prosody of the poem in synthesized sound/music and programming generated graphics. This work starts from a voice reading the poem while it appears in calligraphy on screen. Then the pitch contours of the words are extracted, synthesized or imposed on acoustic Chinese instruments. Meanwhile the visual aggressively develops into a mixture of calligraphy, ink drops and other abstract patterns.

Rebecca Ruige Xu currently teaches electronic arts and animation as an Associate Professor at Missouri State University. She received a MFA in Computer Graphics from Syracuse University in New York; and a BS in Industrial Design from Beijing Institute of Technology, China. She also studied Cinematography at Beijing Film Academy. She has worked professionally in the fields of computer animation, film special effects, web design and user interface design in China and the United States. Her artwork and research interests include experimental animation, visual music, artistic data visualization, interactive installations and virtual reality. Her recent work has been appeared at: Theatre and New Media, Bergamo, Italy; Colloquium culture and digitization, L’arc Romainmotier, Switzerland; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Information Aesthetics Showcase, New Orleans; CYNETart, Dresden, Germany; FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Boston Cyberarts Festival; The 20th Annual Conference of Society of Literature, Science and Art. New York, NY.