Robin Dupuis


Robin Dupuis approaches the construction of narrative structures through images and sounds that he generates and filters on home-grown computer systems. He works on digital supports, transforms the language of moving images, and plays with the soundscape to propose a contemplative experience. The abstract images and unheard-of sounds that he creates prompt spectators to “perceive” more intuitively, in what Henri Chomette once described as cinéma pur.

Dupuis’s work doesn’t attempt to represent the world in which we live. Instead, the artist endeavours to create precise constructions, completely fabricated environments, and explorations that take full advantage of the digital platform. His pieces create troubling perceptual effects and evince a significant investigation of form. His moving images are grasped through their visual and aural rhythms. Countless details become manifest: a stream of light scans the scrolling movement, a jumpiness characterizes the images and sound, washes of colour follow a repetitive process, ghostly forms merge with the play of contrasts. The need for sustained attention leads us to experience the duration of a great number of components. At the same time, it prompts us to sense our own perception, which, like the images, also follows the audio and visual rhythm. What’s heard and what’s seen can sometimes fall out of step, or seem to blur, but this may create the needed framework for grasping all the uncertainty and intuition from which the mediatized representations emerge.