Rodrigo Assis, Daniel Pitorri & Karen Mota

Construção e Desconstrução

The project is a reflection turned to the sound of the american pianist artist John Cage, known for changes in the loudness of their ropes. His sound was a challenge for the group to build bridges of different levels of the severe acute, and from these differences, a concept that was taken to the concrete.Then came the video art that shows the construction and deconstruction of a block.

The group formed by members, Daniel Pitorri, Karen Mota and Rodrigo Assis, has a life history of the encounter in the course of Art of Univerdidade São Judas Tadeu, locaizado in Mooca in São Paulo, in the year 2008, key to this union. Each one brings in his luggage and directories from their different experiences, and thus together might make this exchange of knowledge, looking forward in the form of representation to their thoughts and results which directly involves the art in their creations.