Rozita Fogelman

ASCII – GL1tCH.4RT 2014 [Cypress [dub1] minimal techno]

ASCII – GL1tCH.4RT 2014 [Cypress [dub1] minimal techno] is a motion animation based on R. Fogelman’s ASCII – Graphic Glitch Art book, a collection of black-and-white graphics generated through use of ASCII – (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). The entire book was generated in real-time online using special characters and simple keyboard symbols, which in a diverse juxtaposition by copy and past action create unpredicted graphic patterns. As an artist and eco-activist, I felt a great need to have a way of producing graphics that allowed me to save paper, ink, paint and adding to overall environmental pollution.

Rozita Fogelman is a Russian/American conceptual artist and eco-art activist. Born in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia, she immigrated with her family to Israel in 1975, and since 1998 she lives and works in Berkeley, California. She studied dance and music in Tbilisi, Georgia; graphic design and sculpture in Jaffa, Tel Aviv; Avni Institute of Art and Design, and in 2011, she pioneered a new multi-disciplinary media art graduate program at California State University East Bay with emphasis on multimedia, communication and contemporary studio practice arts. “Style of Fogelman’s work is mainly abstract expressionist with emphasis on experimental use of unconventional tools and techniques. The work’s primary focus is on energy, color and surface.” Grace Munakata Education M.A. Multi-Disciplinary Media Arts CSUEB, 2011 B.A. Graphic Art, CSUEB, 2009 A.A. Graphic and Liberal Arts, Laney College 2007 Graphic Art Degree, Avni Art Institute Tel Aviv, Israel, 1993