VestAndPage: Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes


“sin?+fin The Movie” is an artfilm based on Performance art- a movie out of any filmic genre, set between reality and vision. ?gPerformances at the End of the World?h is Episode #1, realized during VestAndPage’s residence at CONFL!CTA Contemporary Art and Science Research in Chilean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, in November-December 2010. TWO STARS KEEP NOT THEIR MOTION IN ONE SPHERE … The two characters in this episode move through the rooms of a House that has no address: it is the structure of their interior spaces, stuffed with memories, visions, love and fear. Patagonia is a hybrid of pathos and agony. – here this Magellan feeling arises by opposing surreal dream-sequences to situations of everyday life. The winds and climate of this land situated at the end of the world cause and favor a continuous disintegration and consequential transformation of beings. This region provides wideness, isolation and solitude, and these extraordinary places tell repeatedly of a unique nature, permeated by mystery and surrealism, inside which the human adapts himself searching to find a home.

German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes have been working together since 2006 as VestAndPage in Performance art, filmmaking, writing and as independent curators. Their works have been presented across Europe, Asia and the Americas. The socially or environmentally orientated performances are conceived psycho-geographically for architectures or in response to natural surroundings and historical sites.