FILE 2004

Editorial Conception: Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto
Design: Fábio Prata and Flávia Nalon
Year: 2004
Pages: 224

Introduction: text “From Criticism to Creative Games in the Digital Age”, of Ricardo Barreto. Media art: 184 works. Installations and performances: 9 works. Hypercinemactivity: 12 works and text “the Hyper-Cinemactivity” of Ricardo Barreto. Panoramas: 10 works. Games: 15 works; text “The Gaming Situation 2,0” of Markku Eskelinen and “If Life is Game, They Play Life”, of Fabiano Onça. Symposium: 45 works. Hypersonica: 73 works and text of Daniel Gonzáles. Homage the Renato Cohen: text “Post-Theatre: Performance, Technology and New Arenas for performance” of Renato Cohen. FILE Digital Script Magazine: text “the Ends of the Means” of Cícero Inácio Da Silva and “Digital Poetry” of Lúcio Agra. FILE Archive: text “the Perpetuity of Inconstancy: the Challenge of Preserving the Immaterial” of Paula Perissinotto.