FILE ARCHIVE is an initiative carried out by the independent cultural non-profit organization FILE –  Electronic Language International Festival – and aims to make available and share its collection, which brings together 22 years of achievements, in an accessible and free online environment.

From the emergence of the avant-garde of electronic art in Brazil to the rise of interactivity in exhibition spaces, the Festival is present in the Latin American scene as a cultural platform of international visibility that promotes aesthetic, cultural and scientific manifestations produced in the field of art in the digital age.

Throughout its history, FILE has constituted a unique collection of its kind, having held 49 exhibitions and exhibited more than 8,000 national and international works. The Festival also visited 6 Brazilian states and exhibited artists from 48 countries.

This interconnected and constantly expanding collection is now available through the free software TAINACAN, developed in Brazilian universities, and includes bilingual archives in different formats, such as digitized publications, biographies, synopses, photographic records of exhibitions and artworks, as well as information about workshops, artistic performances and festival awards, to be shared with its diverse audience.

This project is also the continuation of the FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO meetings, which brought together, in favor of digital art, main institutions dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of artistic knowledge produced in the present time, and is supported by EDITAL PROAC EXPRESSO LAB, with the purpose of promoting the “Production and Realization of a Festival of Culture and Creative Economy with Online Presentation”, fundamental support for the activity of this initiative.

Access the FILE ARCHIVE collections