Rafael Diniz


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Led Show
Electronic Language International Festival

voiD3 is a vertical video generated from programming environments (Processing, Supercollider). It suggests one approach to the primitive tridimensional graphic forms, creating distortions, glitches between them while maintaining the stroboscopic nature from bidimensional light. The sounds, in sync with the images, enhance the work’s sensorial aspect with repeated pulses. The noise and the accumulation amongst monochromatic and monotonous forms help us to understand 3D and digital sound, partially unveiling their natures.

Rafa Diniz, born in Crato, Ceará, has a master’s degree in musical composition from UFPB (João Pessoa); he is mostly dedicated to electronica and audio-visual aesthetics that come from programming languages in which he synthesizes image and sound in real time. He recently took part in the collective exhibitions PANAMPANÁ (2018) and à Nordeste (2019) with the ORA collective; 10 of his videos were appointed highlights and he got a trophy in Festival do Minuto, between 2018 and 2020.