“Prometheus” is inspired by the myth, crossed with icons from ancient cultures. The machinima is played by the artist´s avatar, Voom. He got lost while trying to comprehend his own existence as representative of an alternative form of humanity.

As very young watercolor painter he comes very early into art field, working as illustrator for children books then getting into coomunication industry as art director. During his course study in design, he develops a true attraction to digital and electronic media that leads him into his very first digital interactive art piece in 1999. His path get a different direction in 2007, when he starts to work into virtual worlds, considered by himself a true convercence of all his artistic sides: painting, design, filmaking. He now consider himself a true virtual artist. My art research follows the idea that each person got different souls inside of him, and with metaverses we can give freedom to that multiplicity of minds getting different Avatars for us to express ourself. I consider my Avatar a different person than me, he got his own mind.