Workshop FILE São Paulo 2014

Remeasuring the Size of the Earth
Takayoshi Tsuchiya with Soichiro Mihara

The five senses and the perception of time provide each person with his or her own idea of actuality or what is correct. Modern society is in the process of making those conceptual yardsticks uniform. This workshop will seek out a new yardstick by awakening and thinking about rarely employed senses with the aid of media technologies and inspiration from the media arts. The participants will be able to renew the way each of them views the world and feel it is of a size different to what they perceived the day before.
In part 1, we shall seek to rediscover a predetermined object in a multifaceted manner. Categorising the object with your five senses will raise the fidelity of your conscious perception and give you a true feeling for the object. Videos, commercials, and suchlike that evoke senses other than sight and hearing will be referred to, and online searches, and so on will be undertaken so that everyone might be able to transform their perspectives (values), which is necessary if the diverse textures of the object are to be displayed in visual form in Part 2 of the workshop.
In part 2, the object in Part 1 will be the motif for visual depiction. Each of participants will film the common object according to his or her own ideas about the object’s past, future, and events and situations associated with it. Short clips will be produced after the filming with as next to no editing as possible. The time axes provide the means for delving into the object and coming up with a range of situations. The visual depictions will provide a switch in our perspective of things. The short clips of the common object will be viewed, and the participants shall ponder the relation of time axes between each clip.