ARTIFICIALIS.ORG: Nikoleta Kerinska & Rafael Carlucci

O Mito

O Mito

Our project, called “The Myth”, presents the understanding of maternity through four basic concepts: Chaos, Chronos, Memory, and Conscience. The present art work has been inspired by the idea that maternity is a constant renovation of life and knowledge.

Nikoleta Kerinska – artist, researcher and computational artist lecturer. The conceptual core of her reflections revolves around the use of artificial intelligence techniques in the field of computational art. Her artistic activity is inspired by convergence and divergence present in the communication between man-machine, and in the inter-relation between text and image. In the past years she took part in the following exhibits: “En quête de lieu”, Galerie Michel Jorniac – Paris, France; Espaços Outros, Galeria Ido Finotti, Uberlandia, Brazil. « Ciudad Invadida » Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Espanha; «Luz da luz» – SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil; «Conections», Exposition Internationale de l’Art Électronique, Galerie du Solar do Ferrao, Salvador, Brazil; Septimo Salon de l’Art Numérique, Havana, Cuba.

Rafael Carlucci – multimedia artist, major in Visual Arts and Data Processing. He took part in various exhibits of art and technology, with special mention to: Cinético_Digital at Instituto Cultural Itaú; Humano Pós-Humano at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil; International Festival of Electronic Language – 2001, 2002, 2005 e 2006; VI and VIII International Expo of Digital Art in Cuba; LUZ da LUZ, at SESC Sao Paulo. He currently works with web art, virtual multi-user worlds and the development of interactive programs for generating images of synthesis. Founding member of group ARTIFICIALIS.ORG.