Emmanuel Kodjo


Hématome (haematoma) is an interactive music clip. It consists in having the spectator playing a role in the construction of the music that he is listening by interacting with a visual environment. The scenario is written as a piece of music (intro, verse, chorus…). It is also a game because you shall guess the objects to interact with and the actions of the mouse to be made (roll over, click, drag) to be able to go further into the construction of the music and to move on into the visual environment. Emmanuel Kodjo (scenario, music, programming) and Romain Déflache (graphic design, animation, programming) are experimenting a new kind of music videos. Hématome was the first project, other ones are in development and will mainly contain video images. Hématome synopsis: A man who slid into a deep coma roams between life and death in an imaginary subway station. A journey throughout his unconscious.

Romain Déflache is a 24 years old impassioned graphic design artist who grew up near Lyon (France). He moves to Paris in year 2000 to study multimedia engineering. In the same year, in the same school, he meets Emmanuel Kodjo, an impassioned cinema and music artist who passed the most of his life in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). They decide one year later to work together under the name of Lunographe and produce their first interactive animation Hématome which is exhibited at Villette Digital festival and FIFI festival (in France). Today they are working on experimental video clips using interactivity and produce media-rich web sites.