Jakub Dvorsky

Samorost 1

I made “Samorost” as my dissertation in the department of Graphics Design and Visual Communication at The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. Dissertations in our department are usually short animated films, puppets or cartoons. I decided to break this tradition and make an online computer game. The reason for this is simple: the possibility of involving the viewer in action. My intent wasn’t to make common computer game, but to make something new and experimental and then put it on the web. The game isn’t very difficult and does not require any special experiences with computer games. My goal was to make more likely soothing natural micro-world, into which we can enter at any time and walk about in it. It is dedicated especially to people who work with computers and can relax for a while by walking through this little world. The story isn’t the most important part as it is usually in animated films. To break the sterility of computer world, I used in my game collages from photos of various natural things as backgrounds. Taking a snaps of different details (roots, mosses etc.) in the woods was my first task. Next stage was cutting, jointing and retouching the photos to create scenes impressed by my fantasy. Then I made color and light corrections. Till this point I worked on the pictures in program Adobe Photoshop. Finished backgrounds I imported into program Macromedia Flash where I made animations, interactivity and add music and sounds which made for me my friend Tomas Dvorak.

Jakub Dvorsky: 1978 born in Brno (Czechoslovakia). 1997 – 2003 studies at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague in the department of Graphics Design and Visual Communication (prof. Jiri Barta). Since 2003 works as freelance graphic designer and animator.