Au bord du fleuve/ On the Riverside

Au bord du fleuve/ On the Riverside is a poetic portrayal of the St Lawrence River, directly inspired by material gathered in the summer 2002, during an artists’ residency on the Côte-du-Sud. We created this site in such a way as to replicate the ambience of calm and serenity that is unique to the St-Lawrence. With a main interface of aquatic images as a starting point, visitors can embark on a journey of exploration and discovery of animated “mosaics”; panoramic views; scenes of the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli harbor; sailors’ songs; seagulls’ cries; and animated shorts, such as one of a child and his paper boat. We hope that the images and the sounds, imbued with realism as well as with the imaginary, will be able to translate the feeling of freedom that inspired us throughout the creation of this web art project. The original footage was shot by the St Lawrence’s riverside, at Saint-Jean-Port-Joli in Quebec.

Joseph Lefèvre was born in France and has lived in Montréal for several years. He is a new media artist who has created numerous interactive installations, web sites and cd-roms. His projects include le café de l?abattoir presented at Siggraph 1992 ; Il pleut sur le temple, part of the Images du futur event in 1987 ; Traces et contrastes presented at the ISEA conference in Montreal in 1995 ; and L’espace du chamane which won the 2000 Québec-Canada Möbius Prize. The web version of this project was also chosen for the 2000 Montreal biennale. Lefèvre is Web master for the Society for arts and technology (SAT) in Montreal, where he has been a member of the board of directors since 1995. Multimedia holds no secrets for this digital maniac. He edits, assembles, superposes and tweaks his images, and turns them into loops and collages. The end result is colorful, surprising and inventive. It?s full of life and captivating. It leaves us wanting more. Martine Koutnouyan was born in Lyon, France in 1954. After immigrating to Montreal in 1977, she began organizing live art events and thus became involved in the local art scene. She also directed an art gallery in Old Montreal. Partner to Joseph Lefèvre for many years, she has produced most of her recent work in collaboration with him. Since 2001 she has become active in the VJ scene (live audiovisual mixing) and performs on a regular basis. Ladyroll has a fascination for video mixers and interacting with images. From her very first live experience with Wetfish in 2001, she hasn?t stopped jamming. “It’s the beat and the music that guide me”, she says. “The images I mix are not meant for a screen-play, they are not structured around a dialogue. They are rhythm and substance. I can bring them to life in many different ways. I do not use them to tell a story but to create a certain ambiance.”