Lorena Mal

World Wide Home

World Wide Home, 2012 Internet based generative drawing (non interactive), digital drawings, data base http://worldwidescroll.net Internet based generative drawing of a global building constructed by language: The drawing of a building becomes taller floor by floor by twitter messages containing the word ‘Home’ in the languages with more speakers in the world: Chinese, Spanish, English, Arab, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Urdu, Polish, Persian, Ukranian, Malay, Indonesian. Every time a user visit’s the project’s website it makes a twitter search of the latest messages (5 min. range) containing the word ‘Home’ in those languages, each new tweet adds a floor to the building, the floor corresponds to the tallest building of the city of the world that has more speakers of the message’s language. The color in every floor visualizes the hour at which the corresponding tweet was written.

Lorena Mal (Mexico city, 1986) Lives and works in Mexico city, currently holding the Grant for Investigation and Production in Arts and New Media of Centro Multimedia (2012-2013). She was recipient of the National Foundation of the Arts Grant in Mexico (FONCA, 2011-2012), and collaborates with Conaculta (Alas y Raíces) in the development of interactive projects, internet based and installations (2011-2012). She has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Centro Cultural Border, Mexico city (Entre Líneas, 2012; Voice Wave Mountain, 2010-2011). Some group exhibitions include Mexico city (Mnemogarfías: Between memory and surface at MUNAE, 2012; Collat- eral Affections International Exhibition, Transitio Mx_04, 2012; Night Box, Fundación Colección Jumex, 2010; Investigaciones Recientes, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, 2008), Oaxaca, Mexico (Mitos Oficiales, IAGO / Laboratorio Oaxaca / La Curtiduría / Estación Cero, 2012), Zacatecas, Mexico (Puntos de Tensión, Museo Felguérez, 2011), Guanajuato, Mexico (FONCA 2011-2012, 2012; FIC 2010 and 2009), Madrid, Spain (Proyector, Espacio Menosuno, 2011), London, UK (MX Transmission, International Art Space Station, 2011), and Tulca, Ireland (Living on the edge, Tulca Festival, 2010). She has been at residence in Zacatecas, Mexico (Museograbado, 2011), has given talks about her work (Dorkbot, Mexico city, 2009), radio interviews (ARLab, 2012; Circuitos Efímeros, 2011), and workshops (Centro Cultural España, Mexico City, 2012).