Maya Watanabe

El Contorno

Video composed of three long takes in which the camera movements take part of a choreographed, five-people performance. The script, the actors and the screens act independently or as a unit, moving from one structure to another and vice verse.

Maya Watanabe (Lima, 1983) Maya Watanabe is a videoartist who lives and works in Madrid and Paris, where she’s currently taking part in a six month residency program at the Cite Internationale des Arts. Watanabe has participated in the Amsterdam Mediamatic Biennale 2009 and the 798 Beijing Biennale 2009; and she has shown her work in a many international institutions, such as in the Museo Reina Sofía (2009), or the Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Lima -2010- and Buenos Aires -2009), and in festivals as TransitioMX (2009) and Madrid Abierto (2008). She was a founding member of the art collective Básico (Lima, Perú) and she’s part of the Archive of young Creators of Matadero Madrid.