Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti

Infinito ao Cubo

Imagine a 3 x 3 x 3 mirrored cube suspended 25 centimeters from the floor supported on a crosspiece in the center of a base having four springs, one on each corner. Two of its facets rotate on its central axle. One facet pivots and the other facet balances. This pivoting wall also acts as an entrance door to its interior. When looking from the outside, the mirror reflects the surrounding area. When looking from the inside, upon closing the door, infinite reflections appear in all directions. The walls do not touch, in other words, the external area is visible through lines that are 3 centimeters thick and 3 meters long. These lines are reflected whilemaintaining the color, light and the movement of the external area, wherein the multiple reflections generate a kaleidoscope effect.
Imagine being at the center of this cube that, in turn, is being reflected on each of its six walls and throughout all the corner edges and angles. Depict infinite space using your body mass, and through your movement inside the cube. Construct curves upward or downward, to the left or to the right softly tilting the assemblage, pivoting two of its walls using a precise system of counter-weight, grooved pulleys and steel cables. The reflected architecture sliding subtlety on the external facets make the cube almost invisible, mimicking the surroundings. The sensation of a closed space exploding to the infinite invokes thoughts of dimensionality. Understanding the infinite is possible. Infinite cubed is merely mathematically impossible.

Rejane Cantoni [] is an artist and new technologies researcher who develops human-machine interfaces within immersive interactive environments.