VJ Eletro-I-Man

Projeto Representa Corisco 013

With the objective of proposing critical reflections about political and social relations in large metropolis, the project works with pop culture concepts and visual icons related to the universe of cangaço and one of its characters: Corisco.

The artist presented his project at major festivals such as the Winter Festival, Eletronic BCN ART Festival, Festival Crea, Festival Brasil Noar, LOOP Festival, Project Impersonal Strike, Hypersonica and OFFF Festival 2007. He also presented his work at art galleries and nightclubs as Razzmatazz Barcelona, CCCB, NIU, Apollo, among others. His activity is related to the development and discussion of audiovisual language of VJs. VJ EltroIman is also the director of the Hybrid Live AV Streaming Project and the Festival Visual Brasil, which in eight edition brought the work of Brazilian artists to Spain, generating a new distribution net between Brazil and Europe.