Alexandre Dubosc

Food about you

How to make a birthday cake in a special way… (To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Animation Festival in Annecy in 2010.)

Director’s Biography ( 2011 version ) After completion of studies in computer graphics to Sup.Info.Com. Alexander DUBOSC have an European Master in Art in the same domain ( M.A.I.S.C.A.). He worked in several companies in Paris special effects for film and television, which mainly “Mac Guff Ligne”. Always curious and fascinated by the image, he directed and participated in recent years many shorts author numerical technique combining 2D and 3D. Photography is also to date one of the disciplines in which there is an important personal creative process closely linked to his animated world. Director’s filmography ( shorts ) – « Alimation » – « Food about you » – « Show co show » – « Trois dès » – « Trans Formes » – « Rencontre éléments terre » – « L’Amante »