Esther Hunziker


The video “Chongqing” is an animation of over 200 photographs. Cutouts from the sky, framed by modern skyscrapers, shot in Chongqing, a megacity in the southwest of China. The images move to the sound of the Yangqin, an old traditional Chinese instrument. The rough buildings start to dance, showing different prespecives from the sky. Sometimes narrower, sometimes brighter.

Esther Hunziker is a media artist, living and working in Basel, Switzerland. Her work includes video, photography, interactive animations, online projects and media installations. In her work she often mixes audio-visual material with text, building up new patchwork like narratives. She likes to scratch on a smooth surface, provoking turbulence and chaos. Her work has been featured internationally and nationally, including shows and festivals in Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Slovakia and Switzerland.