Adrien Cuvit, Alcindo Da Conceiçao, William Loew, Anne Charlotte Benasouli, Camille Burdy & Davy Crosta

Love story of two couples

FILE 2018 | ANIMA +
Electronic Language International Festival

“Love story of two couples” is a student work made by a group of 6 students from the Aries school. We wanted to talk about addictions through cellphone addiction. This short movie tells a story of a young dynamic man who falls in love with a cellphone addicted girl.

My name is Adrien, I started my education with a base A degree, then I studied infography before getting specialised in 3D infography. Few years later it wasn’t enough to me so I decided to get specialised in animation movies. Today I work as an author and a freelance 3d infographist.