Ray Gropius

Imagine Metaversal Drawings

FILE 2018 | ANIMA +
Electronic Language International Festival

This animation film, “Imagine Metaversal Drawings” has been made with avatars frames of people connected to the network, citizens of the Metaverse. People who are represented with a virtual image of themselves. This video could be considered as a collection of drawings or a collection of portraits in the style of traditional documentary photography, cause the images happen in real time, and are captured in the same way as when we shot the shutter of the camera. I call it “Metaversal Drawing” or “Metaversal Photographs”. I think it could be considered as a work of what we call Post-Photography.
The waterfall of images and voices absorbs us into the poetic cataract of that magical space, starring by Alter Egos, in which comfortably, fantasy and reality coexist at the service of the existential paradoxes of the contemporary world.

Ray Gropius, self-taught education, the main motivation of my work is to document, show, and give life to my own Alter Ego existence. My works, based on digital creation with experimentation in virtual environments, besides offering an unmistakable style, approach the drawing from a new position. The connection of representation methods such as photography, 3D simulation and drawing make my work a hybrid of contemporary media or Post-Photography. The experience of representing through drawing, precise lines with mathematical perspective, attending to the structure of objects and people in a virtual world that happens in real time, make my work a reference of what I call «Metaversal Photographs» or «Metaversal Drawings”.
Ray Gropius is my own purpose of representing other forms of life.