Eid & Meugé: Pierre-Stéphane Meugé

Punto Agitato

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival



Punto Agitato unfolds in a moving world where there is no definite space or precise time. A continual energy pervades Punto Agitato throughout with a flutter of hesitant ambiguous and feverish gestures. The music is improvised and recorded directly over the images. Sound and film are inseparable.


Born in São Paulo, Celia Eid (video) lives and works in France and São Paulo. She is mainly known for her videos, abstract animations frame by frame on contemporary music. Her films were shown and prized in many international festivals. Pierre-Stéphane Meugé (music) was born in Bordeaux and studied in Strasbourg and Paris, where he lives. He explores a large repertory from Renaissance to contemporary music, including musical theater and free improvisation, collaborating with dancers, actors, and filmmakers.