Gareth Walsh


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival



“Rhombus” is a video that transforms the Pacific Ocean horizon line into a self-contained box. A constant procession of waves travels through creating a surreal tunneling effect. By reflecting the video plane on all 4 sides the vastness of the ocean is reduced to a single point perspective. Through this simple gesture, a new perspective is revealed questioning our understanding of the ocean and the space it contains.

Gareth Walsh is a media artist based in Los Angeles, working at the intersections of Art, Cinema, Technology and physical space. His artwork questions the boundaries of perceived reality, and plays with the creative potential found in the manipulation and recombination of its parts. Grounded in a conceptualized and experimental media arts practice, his work ranges from small photographic prints and video projections to whole room and building sized interventions.