Peter Basma-Lord

Some Cat Slung Over A Meat Hook Decided it Weren’t For Them

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival



“Some Cat Slung Over A Meat Hook Decided it Weren’t For Them” is a monologue in twelve voices. It is a summation of a sense of loss and oppression. An indirect call to arms.

Working across a variety of mediums including video, audio, electronic interactive works and found objects, Peter Basma-Lord creates immersive installations both physical and virtual. Their work examines the relationship between the self and the mass, the real and the fake, loss and longing, combining the incongruous and the everyday as a means of uprooting the viewer from normality, who becomes an integral part of the work themselves. Action begets action and, in a system made up of systems, who, what, and why we value are up for question. Alongside a solo practice Peter, Basma-Lord also frequently works collaboratively and has been part of ACHE, 25% Extra, Career Services, and Hill52 amongst others.