Adrian Flury

Arrest in Flight

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival


Adrian Flury – Arrest in Flight – Switzerland

This experiment in film sets the stage for a hitherto unseen magical life form. The film focuses on the non-obvious character of movement when transferred to an alien object thus endowed with the life derived from the movement true to life source. Movement in this unlikely stop-motion animation is displaced in time and space resulting in the explosion of the time-space continuum we unreflectingly take for granted.


Born in 1978 Switzerland, started out in an apprenticeship as electrician, and then studied animation at Lucerne University of Art & Design. Participated in several films in the animation, camera and lighting fields. Now working on more experimental kinds of films – such as A PLACE I’VE NEVER BEEN (2015), ARREST IN FLIGHT (2021) and DUST DEVIL (in production).