Caique Poi


FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival


Caique Poi – Reciclagem – Brazil

Dozens of files from computers recycle bin such as images, texts files, installers and files of all kinds undergo a forced transformation. All this digital garbage, through the subversion of software, is transformed into abstract sounds, images and videos, simulating a kind of recycling in the virtual environment. This process, which takes advantage of the software dysfunctions, forces the machine to generate random results. And with certain autonomy, the machine resignifies the data arbitrarily.


Graphic designer and digital artist, he began his trajectory with experimental and non-sense video editing. Had contact with Glitch Art and began to produce several works. Since then, has been producing and cataloguing results and possibilities in this aesthetics. He also works with digital collages, video posters, photomanipulations and 3D.