Ingrata Bergman

Un Ojo Se Mira A Sí Mismo

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival

Ingrata Bergman – Un Ojo Se Mira A Sí Mismo –  Spain

Un Ojo Se Mira A Sí Mismo is a visual poem that reflects on the power of simulated imagery. This work questions the nature of perception and the possibility of images to expand, but also to reduce, our living experience. Digital imagery is complex because, with its almost perfect imitation of human perception – sometimes even beyond it –, it shows us that perception can be replicated through digital techniques and devices.


Mayte Gomez-Molina is a Spanish new media artist and writer whose practice is based in 3D animation, VR and digital video appropriationism as tools for expanded poetry. Her work explores the body as a political subject and perception as a social agreement. She is currently working as a researcher and animator at Karlsruhe’s Institute of Technology.