Juno B.

Perhaps our only link is the failed humanity

Electronic Language International Festival

Juno B. – Perhaps our only link is the failed humanity – Brazil

From the perspective of gender disobedience and other corporeities, Perhaps develops a poetic of the invisible by visually and temporally narrating existences of non-human kinships, when confronting normative conditions of human constructions of modern (infra)structures of individuality and progress. The present project tensions the notion of landscape and invisible relationships in counterpoint to the possibilities of life only from the Anthropocene and Capitalocene.


Juno B. is a transdisciplinary artist. In their work, they propose experiments and dialogues based on non-hegemonic discourses and hypotheses of mutual ways of being in the world. Their practice transits between transpecific speculative fictions and mutations, gender disobedience, toxic conflicts and landscape migration, tensioning notions of the (in)visible and the limits between aesthetics, ethics and politics.