Luca Lee


Electronic Language International Festival


Luca Lee – Growth  – United States

3D animation that reflects on the passing of time from the perspective of a supertree. The work plunges us into a speculative future where all organic matter, including human beings, is extinct. The tree holds the samples of extinct species preserved and displayed in a virtual organic matter aimed to perpetuate life. The tree is a symbol of an element of nature that lives out for many generations – we will die but the trees are most likely here to stay.


Luca Lee is a queer transmedia artist from Chile based in NYC. Through XR, 2D and 3D art, he creates hybrid spaces that both confront and interconnect different narratives around resistance, otherness, and control. He has exhibited at Vasulka Kitchen Brno (Czech Republic), Salvador Allende Museum (Chile), The Holy Art Gallery (UK), and New Art City (US), among other grounded and virtual spaces.