Michelle Hessel Alves & Woraya Boonyapanachoti

Boarding Time

Electronic Language International Festival


Michelle Hessel Alves & Woraya Boonyapanachoti – Boarding Time – Brazil/Thailand

Boarding Time is a 26-minute-long video where the audience is invited to board a plane where the environment and the humans blend together as dots in 3D space. It plays with the idea that even when we are “waiting” to travel, we are still moving in our relative stillness. Boarding Time invites us to rethink our perception of space and movement.


Mint Boonyapanachoti is a Bangkok-born New York-based creative technologist and 3D designer working at the intersection of storytelling, art, and technology. Her work focuses on 3D capture and immersive visualizations that push the boundaries of reality and augment the potential of visual journalism.

Michelle Hessel is a Brazilian digital artist and designer. In her work, she likes to deconstruct how we perceive the world around us to reconstruct it in her own way by mixing traditional media formats with newer technologies. Her work has been featured by Interaction Design Association, Communication Arts, The Economist, VICE Media, IDocs, Pixel Show, and Currents New Media.