Mônica Moura


Electronic Language International Festival


Mônica Moura – Lapso – Brazil/United States

Among the many things my grandma’s Alzheimer’s took away from us was the ability to have meaningful conversations about her life prior to my life. As she grew older, she left objects and pieces of information that provided me with a very superficial story of her life, and much space for speculation and curiosity. When she had her memories with her, I was too young to fully appreciate it; now that I am older, they are no longer there. I wonder at what moment we were in sync.


Mônica Moura was born in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2014 she was accepted to the University of São Paulo in the Visual Arts program. Her graduation thesis was a mixed media animated short film called (OvO). She graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Multimedia. She is currently enrolled in the Experimental Animation MFA program at California Institute of the Arts.