In the 2016 edition of the FILE Festival, after nearly a decade carrying FILE GAMES and FILE ANIMA+ independently, we decided to unite both festivals to create ANIMA+GAMES. By joining animations and games in the same event, we can point out aspects that would go unnoticed if shown under the very logic of each one of them.

It’s not about just a way to raise similarities and differences, but especially to emphasize the creative aspects that can occur in the mutual influence of both medium. To this end, we conceptualize what we call metanoumos. We are inspired by the concept already known of the games theory: the metagame, which states that any strategy or action, as well as methodologies used in games, go beyond the set of certain pre-stablished rules. They are those heterodox and external elements that affect and change the decision of who plays.

With a much wider extension, metanoumos means a field of mutual influence between the subjects, which establish new strategies of creation, resolution, decision, fruition and connectivity, extrapolating those that occur within each cultural environment. That is, each subject can be influenced externally by all the others or specifically by one of them. Analogically, a kind of “dark matter” invisibly surrounds and interferes with all other subjects, creating a game free from influences. Differently from the metagame, which only affects the player in his decision, metanoumos can influence multiple aspects of a subject or a media. The subjects are not impenetrable spheres, but structures filled with holes through which metanoumos crosses with his influence field.

ANIMA+GAMES is an event that aims to show and to encourage the mutual influence of both medium. On one hand, the animations with its own strategies of creation and production with its already known influence from cinema, and on the other, games, with the notorious problem between narratology and ludology, and also between games and metagame.

The Slovak animation “Cowboyland”, by director David Stumpf, is performed entirely in 2D technique, where the artist’s trace becomes explicit. On May 12th, the short film was presented as a pre-film of the drama feature film “Far from Men” (FR), inspired by the genre of Western movies.

“Mind: Path to Thalamus” is a first person puzzle that throws you into a fantastic and surreal environment. You will bend the natural elements to your will in order to progress in this emotive, mind bending tale.
“The Light – The Shade”, animation by German artist Susanne Wiegner, is a poem by Robert Lax that plays with the contrasts and opposites of light and shade, with bright and dark, black and white, red and blue. The film becomes a journey through the realm of personal imagination, through spaces and pictures, through letters and words.

The game “Adventures of Poco Eco” is a unique low poly world, a music and animation art experience, and a relaxing, exploratory audiovisual experience. It is a gorgeous mix of sounds and sights that, while doesn’t pose much of a challenge, is still worth checking out. The unique element of this game is that the whole game-world reacts to the soundtrack – you can find symbols of music and different instruments everywhere.

FILE ANIMA+GAMES 2016 is a metanoumos experience for you to transcend your limits.

Raquel Fukuda and Ricardo Barreto





1st Place

David Stumpf – Cowboyland – Slovakia 

2nd Place

Susanne Wiegner – The Light – The Shade – Germany  

3rd Place

Raven Kwok & Karma Fields – Skyline – United States 


Honorable Mentions

Fabrício Lima – Nenhum de nós – Brazil

Pu, Shuai Cheng – The Sum of Secrets – Taiwan

Tiny Inventions: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter – Perfect Houseguest – United States 



Interactive Media Foundation – The Land of the Magic Flute – Germany

A. Bill Miller – Phantoms – United States

Adrian Flury – A Place I’ve Never Been – Switzerland

Anthony Rousseau – My Last Round – France

Arnaud Laffond – Mountain Fragility – France

Bittler – The Exoplorer – France

Camilo Colmenares – Quimtai – Germany

Chen, I-Chun – Little Black’s Whole Life in the Factory: Second Episode – Taiwan

Chen, I-Chun – Shui Yuan Lin Legend: IV Episode (Grasp Replacement) – Taiwan

Christo Guelov – White Cubes | DLC2015 – Spain

Cláudio Roberto – Miudinho – Brazil

Daniela Krajcova – Stability – Slovakia

David Mussel – Cartas – Brazil

David Stumpf – Cowboyland – Slovakia

Dilation: Chang Liu & Joanna Wrzaszczyk – Dilation – United States

Fabricio Lima & Marcelo Jeneci – Um de nós – Brazil

Henning M. Lederer – Anatomic – Germany

Jan Goldfuß – 2=1(+1=n) (Cold Memories 2) – Germany

Joanna&rubens – Sinking_3 – Taiwan

Jorge F. – Nightmare Endless – Brazil

Katsuki Nogami – Hamidasumo! (Heaven&Hell Remix) (Official Music Video) – Japan

Kwon Daye – Time, Quick – South Korea

Leandro Angare – O Sapato – Brazil

Leandro Angare – Pulso – Brazil

Matthew Schoen – Vehicles – Canada

Milan Zulic – The Circle of life – Serbia

Olga Guseva – An Apple for the Androgyne – Germany

Olga Guseva – Refugees – Germany

Olga Guseva – The Astronaut – Germany

Olga Guseva – The Three Spirits – Germany

Ove Pictures: Veronika Obertova & Michaela Copikova – Nina – Slovakia

PAM1 Multimedia Studio: Olga Wroniewicz, Katarzyna Gorska, Tomasz Kucharczyk, Anna Kociemba, Marcin Sowi?ski, Katarzyna Krzysztofowicz, Bartek Gadza?a, Dominika Suszek, Izabela Litwin, Petra Kolarikova, Agata Piasecka & Katarzyna Przybysz – Redroom² – Poland

Peter Whittenberger – What’s the Worst that Can Happen? – United States

Pu, Shuai Cheng – The Sum of Secrets–The Snake in Mind – Taiwan

Raven Kwok & Karma Fields – Skyline – United States

s-ara – Telephonophobia – Portugal

Sandra Crisp – Auroville Dream (Tales from the City) – England

Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy – GogatsuByo – France

Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy – U.hotel – France

Sandrine Deumier, Sonia Paço-Rocchia & Philippe Lamy – [Play;] – France

Susanne Wiegner – Future in the Past – Germany

Susanne Wiegner – Home! Sweet home! – Germany

Susanne Wiegner – Inside my Room – Germany

Susanne Wiegner – The Light – The Shade – Germany

Tiny Inventions: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter – Perfect Houseguest – United States

Uwe Heine Debrodt – Fotosintetico – Mexico

VJ Eletroiman – Representa Corisco 2015 – Spain



Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Wahab & Vivien Tan Andre Quek – Princess – Singapore

Carlos De Carvalho – Juste de l’eau – France

Chua Wei Lun Brandon, Khoo Siew May, Tan Yin, Sharry Kwan Wei Xuan – Umbrella – Singapore

Demetris Shammas – Sciss Cut – Cyprus

Dimitar Dimitrov – The day of the bleeding gums – Bulgaria

Fred Joyeux – A poet – France

Georgios Cherouvim – Alosis – Greece

Janneke Meekes – Day In Day Out – Denmark

Joe Bichard – The Waldgeist & Me – United Kingdom

Jossie Mallis – Bendito Machine V – Pull the Trigger – Chile & Puerto Rico

Juan Pablo Zaramella – Luminaris – Spain

Mark Wee – The Animals – Singapore

Matt Abbiss – Forming – United Kingdom

Matt Abbiss – Point – United Kingdom

Nguyen Tuan Anh Tran – Downtown – Singapore

NO DESIGN ATHENS: Andreas Platis & Christos Ioannou – The End Of Geni?us – Greece

Out There – BO – Greece

Patricia Figueiredo – Foi o fio – Portugal

Paulo d’Alva – Carrotrope – Portugal

Rob Zywietz – Port Nasty – United Kingdom

Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy – Fake – France

Shunsaku Hayashi – Remember – Japan

Spela Cadez – Boles – Spain

Timoleon Kouimtzoglou – Escape – Greece

Ying-Fang Shen – Humanexus – Taiwan


Japan Media Arts Festival

Drawing Animations

AC-bu: Adachi Toru & Itakura Shunsuke – *Anzen unten no shiori* (Safe Driving Guide) – Japan

Georges Schwizgebel – Erlking – Switzerland

Hashiji Misuzu, Remember me production team (SAKAI Yosuke, Representative) – Remember me – Japan

Izumida Takeshi & Tekken – A Family Story – Japan

Kihata Sayaka – I Can’t Breathe – Japan

Minha Kim, Jacob Thomas & Islay Bell-Webb – Sea Child – South Korea, France & United Kingdom

Shishi Yamazaki – YAMASUKI YAMAZAKI – Japão

Ueshima Shiro, Asai Yuki, Kano Akira, Kanno Satoko, Aihara Sachie, audioforce, Izumida Takeshi & Tekken – A Family Story – Japan

Japan Media Arts Festival 2016 Focus in Japan Selection

Harano Morihiro, Damian Kulash Jr., Seki Kazuaki, Nishida Jun & furitsukekagyou – OK Go “I Won’t Let You Down” – Japan

Hashimoto Baku & Nogami Katsuki – group_inou “EYE” – Japan

Ito Keigo – Nothing you need to see – Japan

Miyaoka Mizuki & IshikawaYasuaki – Shizuku no kotoba (Dripping words) – Japan

Okawara Ryo – SUGAR LUMP – Japan

Shiriagari Kotobuki – Voyage de Hokusai?????) (Journey of Hokusai) – Japan

YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT Team (Abe Mitsushi, Representative) – YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master – Japan

Yoko – Zdravstvuite! – Japan



2015 Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater and Daily Selects

Academy of Media Arts Cologne – Space-Fluids – Germany

Ajou University – Green Light – Abandoned City – South Korea


Axis Animation – Grey Goo Cutscene Mission 05 Outro – United Kingdom

Axis Animation – Grey Goo Launch Trailer – United Kingdom

Bigcat Studio – First Launch – United States

Blizzard Entertainment – LORDS OF WAR PART THREE – United States

Blizzard Entertainment – OVERWATCH Cinematic Trailer – United States

Blizzard Entertainment – Warlords of Draenor – Talador Finale – United States

Blizzard Entertainment – WORLD OF WARCRAFT: WARLORDS OF DRAENOR Cinematic – United States

Blur Studio – Tom Clancy’s The Division: Take Back New York – United States

Bournemouth University – A New Hue – United Kingdom

Brooklyn Digital Foundry – Architecture and the Unspeakable part 3: Detroit – United States

Calla Donofrio – 3D Dynamic Simulations Reel 2014 – United States

Center for Animation, Brigham Young University – RAM’S HORN – United States

Clemson University – Peanut Butter Jelly – United States

Dans Digital – T4-Logo – China

Dexter Studios – SOMEONE – China

Dexter Studios – THE KUNG FU ROBOT – China

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) – AMIR & AMIRA – France

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) – Splash – France

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) – SWEET COCOON – France

Epic Games – Kite – United States

Framestore CFC – Qualcomm Snapdragon ‘Bullet Train’ – England

Georgios Cherouvim – Alosis – Grécia

Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud – Chase Me – France

Hoorakhsh Studios – Shirley Bassey “If You Go Away” Rebeat Remix – Iran

Kawanimation – BATZ – France

Kawanimation – RACINES – France

L’institut supérieur des arts appliqués (LISAA) – Le Son des Flammes – France

LAIKA – The Boxtrolls: Time Lapse – United States

Mighty Coconut – The OceanMaker – United States

MPC – John Lewis, Monty’s Christmas – Canada, China, United States, France, Netherlands, England, India & Mexico

MPC LA – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Discover Your Power – United States

MPC LA – Xbox Forza, Leave Your Limits – United States

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USRA – Moon Phase and Libration from the Other Side – United States

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – Department of Industrial and Commercial Design – J’ai vu, une fois, Une Magnifique Image – Taiwan

Pixel Veil UT – HeartThe Alchemist’s Letter – United States

Punkrobot Animation Studio – Bear Story – Chile

Realtime Limited – SMITE: BATTLEGROUND OF THE GODS – United Kingdom

Red Knuckles – DARK NOIR – England

Sakowski Studios – ATHEUM’S WAY – New Zealand

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – I M POSSIBLE – United States

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – The Kiss – United States

SCIEMENT, The University of Tokyo, RIKEN – Multi-scale Multi-physics Heart Simulator, UT Heart – Japan

Sève Films – 8.9 – France

Sève Films – L3.0 – France


Sève Films – MURPHY – France

Sève Films – Nebula – France

The Animation Workshop – FIBERS – Denmark

The Animation Workshop – PARROT AWAY – Denmark

The Animation Workshop – ROOMMATE WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE – Denmark

The Animation Workshop – TSUNAMI – Denmark

The School of Visual Arts – MONSTER – United States

The School of Visual Arts – NEXUS – United States

the STUDIO – Give Luci – United States

Tiny Inventions – BETWEEN TIMES – United States

Toei Animation – RAKUEN TSUIHO – Expelled from Paradise – France

Toei Animation – Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary – France

Unit Image – PEUGEOT 208 GTi “The Legend Returns” – France

Unit Image – THE CREW Launch Trailer – France

University of California Los Angeles – Visions of America: Amériques – United States

University of Texas at Dallas – Sticky – United States

USC Institute for Creative Technologies – Skin Stretch: Simulating Dynamic Skin Microgeometry – United States

Walt Disney Imagineering – GEAR – United States

WeWereMonkeys – Tide: The Paradox Effect – Canada



Alan Hazelden & Benjamin Davis – A Good Snowman is Hard to Build – Inglaterra | England

Asteroid Base – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – Canadá | Canada

Bedtime Digital Games – Back to Bed – Dinamarca | Denmark

Black Pants Studio – Blown Away – Alemanha | Germany

Broken Rules – Yet it Moves – Áustria | Austria

Disco Pixel – Jungle Rumble – Estados Unidos | United States

Drinkbox Studios – Guacamelee! STCE – Canadá | Canada

Gattai Games – Stifled – Singapura | Singapore

House House – Push Me Pull You – Austrália | Australia

Jason RT Bond e Colin Sanders – Shu’s Garden – Canadá | Canada

Laser Dog – ALONE… – Inglaterra | England

Martelo Nero – Tower of Samsara – Brasil | Brazil

Media Molecule – Tearaway Unfolded – Inglaterra | England

Mediocre AB – Smash Hit – Suécia | Sweden

Pantumaca Barcelona – Mind: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition – Espanha | Spain

POSSIBLE Games – The Adventures of Poco Eco – Hungria | Hungary

RAC7 – Dark Echo – Canadá | Canada

Shadow Planet Productions – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Canadá | Canada

Terry Cavanagh – Super Hexagon – Inglaterra | England

Trickster Arts – Hero of Many – República Tcheca